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Dakila researchers talk live about the social science impact of the Terra Convexa documentary

On the night of 7 February, researcher Otávio Reis, through his YouTube channel SH360, held a live event with the special participation of professor and also Dákila researcher Diego Colares, in which they discussed the importance of the documentary Convex Earth and the socio-scientific impact it has had in people's lives.

Diego started his speech by emphasising that in the near future, members of the Dakila ecosystem will be the promoters of research and that everything that is revealed will have an impact on society and science. "Later on, colleagues around the world will publish our discoveries, our inventions, and together we will change the way the world is perceived, such as the true shape of the Earth. The documentary was a model of influence and allowed us to see that the forces that govern nature are different from those established by science/physics," he stressed.

A documentary starts with a theory and, as Diego explained, once a hypothesis is developed, it must be falsifiable, i.e. it must be tested to see whether it is true or false. "We have used experiments to verify that this curvature of the Earth does not really exist. According to Newton's theory of gravity, you can calculate the curvature and after the calculation you find that it does not match the tests. When in doubt, always stick to the experiment, because mathematics is just a language," the expert stressed.

Diego and Otávio looked live at all the methods used to carry out the experiments, such as the use of lasers, the radio test, the convex lens, the gravitational lens, magnetism, density, pressure and light.

Associação Dakila has started a new research and will soon release another documentary following the material from Terra Convexa (Convex Earth). Astros Anomaly will show new truths about the sun, moon, stars and other planets. Dakila Pesquisas remains steadfast in her purpose to bring to humanity a reality that will change the course of history, science and life once and for all.

During the chat, researcher Otávio Reis pointed out that all the experiments will be published in the new documentary so that people can draw their own conclusions. "We will share knowledge so that those who are interested can build logic, repeat the tests and see for themselves, it's not about belief. You may say we are crazy, but look at the world today with wars, pandemics, power struggles and many other catastrophes. So if you are labelled crazy or otherwise, take it as a compliment, because you are outside the bubble of manipulation to which everyone else belongs.

"The live stream is saved and available to view on Otávio Reis SH360 channel (click here) . The Terra Convexa documentary can be found on YouTube via Dakila Pesquisas - Terra Convexa O Documentário Full PT BR - YouTube channel .

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