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About the Dakila Institute

A research institute for the dissemination of knowledge.

Our shared mission

Never before in the history of humanity has it been more urgent to acknowledge our origins as humanity and to rethink our common mission.

The issues raised are complex, which is why Urandir de Oliveira, a researcher, scientist and historian, founded the Dakila Institute in 1997. In 1999, the Dakila Pesquisas Research Institute was created, attracting people with the same common goal: to spread knowledge to change the world.

Together with our "star" allies, called the 49 races, we have one message for humanity:

"Seek knowledge."

DAKILA Institute transplant

  1. Enabling people to be financially free and independent.

  1. To give people information and knowledge in the field of expanded consciousness.

  1. To give people the technology to break through to a higher level of consciousness and awareness, all the way to transmutation.

Founder: Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira 

They say that the winners write the story. Urandir founded Dakila to take humanity to a new level of quality living, full of happiness and abundance.

Scientist, philanthropist and creator.

"The history of the world is full of stories of great men." Their achievements and the traces they leave for humanity by building bridges that take it forward. This is the story of Urandir.

Every great leader is born with certain qualities that instinctively lead him to rise and lead. The need for these qualities to emerge stems from the situation in the economy in which the leader lives.

Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira was born to lead people through science, technology and innovation (CT&I) through cutting-edge research and development (R&D). To achieve these goals, he founded the Dakilo Institute and started building the city of Zigurats.

We will spread his biography, his great achievements, so that they are known nationally and internationally, so that the Dakila ecosystem becomes more and more relevant and recognised in the world.

Bodies of the Dakila Association

Management Board

Supervisory Committee

Mediation Committee

The DAKILA ecosystem

To work and transfer information effectively, you need an infrastructure, which is why in 2021 a consortium of companies was born to form the Dakila Ecosystem: a concept that encompasses entrepreneurial ideas and initiatives driven by the creative potential of Dakila Institute members and supporters.


A mystery of the Amazon Forest that the Dakila Institute has been exploring for more than 30 years is called Ratanaba, an ancient hidden city built more than 450 million years ago by the highly advanced Morili civilisation. After a space flood 14,000 years ago, Ratanaba was flooded with silt and mud. The Amazon rainforest "grew" on the site, hiding Ratanaba from the surviving human civilisation. Some representatives of the Dakila Institute, headed by Urandir, gained access to this ancient site with the help of multidimensional beings of the so-called 49 races. They were directed to the very entrance of the city and began to explore it.

There, 123 technologies have been discovered that will help humanity move to a higher level of consciousness and awareness, known as transmutation. 

49 RAS ET extraterrestrial civilisations

The 49 races (our partners) aim to make a concrete difference on Earth. It is said that there is a group of extraterrestrials known to humans as the Anunnaki. They have been running this evil show on planet Earth for a long time. They are the force behind the groups that we know by different names, such as the Cabal, the Illuminati, the 13 Families, the Rulers of the World, the Controllers of the World, etc. The Anunnaki are the force behind all these people. All of the above are servants of the Anunnaki. Their minions are.  

We live in a prison, a virtual prison called the Matrix. This analogy is really perfect. They have made a false world and imprisoned us in it. When I say fake, I mean that it has been artificially made. It is a world created with false stories, in which we know a fabricated history and science. 

That's why the "partners" have come, who have a completely different plan for the Earth, a plan that will change things in the current system. This is extremely important - they will help us to break free from the Matrix, the present prison.

They provide us with information and technology for this purpose. They are not here to save us. They are here to provide us with the tools to save ourselves. This is our world. Part of the people here, or part of the population, comes from 49 races/partners. They are in perfect human form. They are just like us, even similar to us, to a certain extent.

But THEY come in different sizes, colours, etc., and part of the world's population comes from them. So they decided that at the moment we are living now, that 26,000-year cycle, it is a good time to train a group here to help people, because one person is not enough. One person is easy to destroy. One person's voice can be suppressed, but hundreds and hundreds of voices cannot. It is much more difficult.

People from all over the world who receive their information will have access to the technology they are willing to share with us, they will be able to concretely change this world with their technology to manipulate light rays. 

This is why the Director of Dakila, Urandir, can establish the polarisation of the biomagnetic field known as the aura. He can polarise it and thus illuminate it. This is one of the new technologies. He has been trained to do this and we are being trained to do this. He is creating with the desire to train a large group of people to be able to transmit not only information but also technologies. 

Everything we do in our association is done as a kind of ecosystem, the Dakila Ecosystem, which includes several layers, such as the research centre, the observatory, which is built on the headquarters itself, the model site is being built, completely independently, with our own financial resources.

We work exclusively with the 49 Races, without "Earthly" influences. We have already patented 15 technologies to make a real difference. We have recently entered into an agreement with the United Arab Emirates. We have a base in Dubai, a very large base for research. We will be introducing key technologies that will soon be presented around the world. That is why we have come together. We have thousands of collaborators from more than 12 countries. Hundreds and hundreds of people have been trained to talk to partners of 49 races. We have meetings with them where we can talk to them physically, verbally, face to face. Why? Because the partners say that the content of the information is very controversial, because no one has ever heard of them. Partners have told us that 100 % of our information is flawed, manipulated and changed. For example, Urandir, the president of the Dakila ecosystem, is the first to be trained by 49 races. If Urandir were the only one, we would find it very difficult to believe the things we are told. If he were the only one and he said to people, "Oh, I just received information from a channel or a telepathic message", maybe only a handful of people would believe him.

There are many technologies that can help us make a real, tangible difference for the better in today's world. That's why we have been asked to form the Portal Association in the first place. And recently we changed the name of the association to Dakila, which is a word from their language, and means "those who want to seek knowledge." And they told us to create an ecosystem. Seven years ago, they presented us with a new financial and economic system. We were commissioned and provided with certain technologies in order to create a digital payment system that would be completely independent of the System, by which everything else outside the System operates. We will be able to become so independent that we will not be influenced by the existing system. This new financial system cannot be manipulated by any outside force. This is extremely important, because the technology that we are going to put out into the world is a threat to the existing system and will really change things and break up very powerful monopolies. That is why it is necessary to work in unison in order to begin to disseminate new information and technology. 

We have several industries, we have several projects focusing on bringing this new vision of reality, because we don't know where we live, we don't know what real life is, where we come from, how humans were created, what our real history is, where we are going, what our purpose is, etc.

People are very easy to manipulate. 

I can say anything that I have received a telepathic message that you will not be able to verify whether it is true or false. It is impossible. 

But if there are several people listening to the dimensional partners, physically, face to face, that's something completely different, you can't manipulate people in that way. This is the agreement that our President Urandir has made with the 49 Races. All our contacts are physical, verbal, face to face, so that everyone can be sure of the content of the information. The very complexity of the concept and the instructions makes it imperative that the contact be physical and the communication direct. 

There are 123 types of technologies that we have been promised to introduce and offer to people, and they will have an impact on energy production, life extension, improving our resilience, agricultural production, cattle and livestock farming, etc.


The headquarters of the Dakila Institute and the City of Dreams, as we have called it, is the jewel of the earthly reality of a new way of being and coexisting. The centre of the city will be adorned by a pyramid under construction, 63 m wide and high and 9 m deep. The sacred number 369 and the technologies of our allies of the 49 races will activate all the "sleeping" pyramids of the world, thus activating a favourable energetic environment to raise the collective consciousness and awareness.


Dear members and sympathisers of Dakila.

We would like to inform you that due to an emergency situation and the inability of Urandir and other guests from Brazil to arrive in Slovenia, the Rogla 2023 event will be postponed to the spring of 2024.

Those of you who have already purchased tickets for the Rogla 2023 event will be able to use them at that time. The deposits you have paid to book your accommodation will also apply then. We will inform you about the postponed event when we have more information from Brazil. We sincerely apologise for the situation and ask for your understanding and patience. Ultimately and in the actual direction, things will always fall into place and unfold in the best way for all involved.