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Code of Ethics

By this notice, DAKILA ECOSYSTEM does not tolerate and strongly rejects any sharing of information or messages via social networks, websites and communication applications that are of an offensive content, of a defamatory nature, as regards the social activities of DAKILA ECOSYSTEM as well as the activities of all its collaborators and members.

Nor does it authorise any disclosure of any of its employees, their personal data, the disclosure of its affiliates, any of its employees on social and social media without the prior knowledge and consent of the persons concerned. 

Notwithstanding the legitimate and constitutional freedom of expression and opinion, it is not permissible to communicate any content that constitutes a clear affront to the objective and subjective honour of all members and colleagues. 

As written, it preserves and ensures the protection of all rights of all members, guarantees the integrity of the individual and does not allow the disqualification of members and colleagues.

All controversial acts and practices that contravene the DAKILA ECOSYSTEM Code of Ethics will be subject to appropriate legal consequences and sanctions. 

Campo Grande, 13 June 2022.

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Dear members and sympathisers of Dakila.

We would like to inform you that due to an emergency situation and the inability of Urandir and other guests from Brazil to arrive in Slovenia, the Rogla 2023 event will be postponed to the spring of 2024.

Those of you who have already purchased tickets for the Rogla 2023 event will be able to use them at that time. The deposits you have paid to book your accommodation will also apply then. We will inform you about the postponed event when we have more information from Brazil. We sincerely apologise for the situation and ask for your understanding and patience. Ultimately and in the actual direction, things will always fall into place and unfold in the best way for all involved.