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History of collaborators:Otávio Reis loves to do research in his spare time and is constantly learning about human evolution

At 45 years old, Otávio Reis lives in constant search of knowledge. He graduated in mechatronics, finance and actuarial science with a master's degree in positive psychology in a behavioural field related to neuroscience and quantum physics, and has also specialised in systems analysis, alternative therapies and studied musicology. Together with this baggage of experience, Dakila Pesquisas appears in his life, complementing everything he believed and did not yet know, and so he created Systemic Transformation Techniques (Super Humano 360) to help more people understand life.

Between mid-1996 and 1997, Otávio was invited by a yoga teacher to attend a lecture by Urandir Fernandez de Oliveira - the founder of what is today called Ecossistema Dakila. "At that time I was going through a phase where I thought that I was not of this world, of this dimension, and that I had something else inside me. I believed very much in things beyond Earth and over the years I began to have dreams that spoke of a new path to follow in my life, a covenant that would be published," she recalls.

When Otávio went to the Urandir lecture, where several topics of interest to him were discussed, he had the feeling that he was where he wanted to be, and that is how he met and even participated in the beginning of Dakila Pesquisas. "I didn't understand a lot of the things Urandir told me then, but now it makes sense, everything he told me in the past is happening to me today," he says.

A collaborator since Dakila's existence (1997), Otávio has never thought of leaving the group because he believes that the Association is an undeniable truth. "I still believe that Dakila is the right path for me, because I have the opportunity to do whatever I like, to research and be active in the fields I work in, and to provide services to the ecosystem, contributing to its expansion and knowledge. It is made for people," he says.

Otávio currently lives in Campo Grande (MS), close to the farm where the association is based, but his story with Dakila began when he was in Belo Horizonte. In 2003 he went to France, where he stayed for 10 years and founded the associative core, which has triggered a lot of research in Europe.

"I'm interested in all areas of research, from medicine, genetics, astronomy, and I try to be as involved as possible. Dakila is always changing, it's never just one thing, it's a moving metamorphosis in terms of growth, always expanding the areas in which it works," she believes.

In his spare time, he remains active as a researcher. He studies a lot, likes to travel and analyse the places he passes through, meet people and local curious people, read different books and experiment. "I'm always exploring, so it's very hard for anyone to see me going on holiday, going sunbathing and swimming at the beach, I can't do that, it's never been my personality. I like to compose, I like to write lyrics, I think inside about how I feel about the world, how to improve interpersonal relationships, how to be in a growth dynamic, so in my free time I don't know very well how to separate what is work from what is fun, because I am having fun and I am working while I am having fun," says Otávio.

"I do what I like and I am very happy with the way I live, with what I have today, especially in relation to Dakila Pesquisas, because everything I do is linked to the Association and I manage to balance it," he adds.

In order to share his knowledge and pass on the teachings of Dakila Pesquisas, he created a YouTube channel called Otávio Reis SH360, whose platform has already reached more than 14 thousand subscribers, with the aim of showing and teaching techniques for overcoming and developing in every way to become a "Superman".

When asked what Cidade Zigurats represents in his life, Otávio emphasises the power of unification to achieve something so great that it becomes a legacy for humanity. "I see Zigurats as a great example of unity, of will power, of believing in difference, of wanting and making it happen. It is a reference that we have for the world and we will use it to show that together everything is possible and to share our knowledge.

What attracts the most attention at Dakila is the fact that it is a place that respects everyone, regardless of style and standard. "The characteristic of the association is that we value the differences that each one of us has, and that is how we learn to work together. In this way, we deepen our knowledge, respect for others and the integration of skills that complement each other," she says.

An unforgettable moment

Once, when he came to the headquarters of the association to participate in an event, Otávio stayed in the house of the president of Urandir himself, because there was no more room to live on the farm. Once everything was arranged, those responsible for the organisation went to the residence and reported that they had managed to accommodate everyone and that only one couple was missing because there were no more mattresses. Urandir said he had a spare and could lend it out, so the situation was resolved.

The next morning Otávio woke up early and in order to get to the kitchen of the house he went through the corridor where there were other rooms, one of them was Urandir, whose door was open, and when he quickly looked he saw that he was sleeping on top of the bed frame, that is, he had given up his own mattress for the sleeping of this couple.

"This scene left a strong impression on me because I saw the situation as an example of generosity, of someone who thinks of others and treats people so caringly, accepting them no matter who they are, and that really touched me. What I admire about Urandir is not the fact that he has abilities, but that he is a leader, someone who is noble and does good, never leaves anyone behind, and that became a very big milestone in terms of leadership, that I work internally", Otávio recalls.

Apart from Urandir, there are many people Otávio admires, and here it is worth mentioning some of those who have been with him since the very beginning and with whom he spends most of his time in the group's activities and who have had a great influence on his life:

Larissa Kautzman - Inspired by her neutrality, willingness, leadership, effectiveness and ability to see things from different angles. From her, he has learned not to say that "something is hopeless". Everything is possible and can be done.

Alan Fernandes de Oliveira - his strength and his immense capacity to open paths and believe in what many consider impossible.

Felipe Castelo Branco - for his loyalty to his commitment, conviction and determination as a researcher.

Rafael Hungary - its didactics as a speaker and its ability to propagate.

Eliane do Canto - her tireless perseverance, her willingness to work for what she believes in and her willingness to help people.

Charles Ferreira - his big heart, generosity and commitment to helping people develop.

Fernanda Lima - for its solidity, its commitment to truth, its way of thinking about the collective and its ability to link seemingly unrelated information in research.

Rosana Batarelli - her commitment to people, her patience, her openness to others and her vast knowledge base.

Nando - an example of nobility, truth, humour, friendship and partnership. She was a great support and showed Otávio that he always believes and looks for solutions without looking too much at the negative. From him he learned to work as a team and to be true to himself and his principles.

"So many others are missing. They don't realise how much they inspire me. Every transformation, every lecture I give always has the contribution of many people behind it. I am very grateful to everyone who contributes in our way," says Otávio.

The final message: "First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have been with me and with us on this journey, in this process of many transformations and achievements. Thank you for all that you have already done for everyone and for humanity. No one does anything alone and it is a pleasure and an honour to have so many different people united for the same purpose and to create change in the world. Always count on me. Together we will shake the world."

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Dear members and sympathisers of Dakila.

We would like to inform you that due to an emergency situation and the inability of Urandir and other guests from Brazil to arrive in Slovenia, the Rogla 2023 event will be postponed to the spring of 2024.

Those of you who have already purchased tickets for the Rogla 2023 event will be able to use them at that time. The deposits you have paid to book your accommodation will also apply then. We will inform you about the postponed event when we have more information from Brazil. We sincerely apologise for the situation and ask for your understanding and patience. Ultimately and in the actual direction, things will always fall into place and unfold in the best way for all involved.