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With growing respect, BDM Digital has already changed many lives

Unlike other cryptocurrencies in the world, BDM Digital puts real purchasing power in the hands of those who use it. Bônus Dourado Mercantil (BDM) is changing the lives of many people in Mato Grosso do Sul who use digital currency, both for investment and for consumption.

As several commercial establishments have already adopted BDM Digital, the local economy is turning around and the population is progressing financially. Leninha Conceição da Silva lives in Roched and immediately after taking part in a sustainability campaign run by the BDM Digital team, where it was possible to exchange recyclable rubbish or handicrafts for currency, she went straight to the supermarket for her weekly shop. On her return home, she walked past the collection point and was overjoyed to boast that she had shopped with BDM Digital.

Eliane Costa is from Vista Alegre and says that BDM Digital has changed her life. "I didn't know about BDM Digital before, I heard about it from people in the settlement and I am very happy about this new financial acquisition because BDM has changed my life and offered me a new business opportunity," she says.

Those who are not familiar with technology are also joining BDM Digital, as they have already been convinced by friends, neighbours or acquaintances of the true power of a currency where, as well as growing investments, it is also possible to make purchases and pay bills. .

"I already had the app, but this is the first time I've used it. I'm not that used to technology, but I decided to innovate, after all, everything is digital nowadays and BDM is pure innovation, and it's also a recognition. My money in BDM brings much more than if I had left it in another account, it was really worth investing," says Vilmar Florêncio dos Santos.

Florencio dos Santos

Corguinho resident Sueli Silva did not know about BDM Digital, but found out about the currency through a friend. "I didn't even have the app installed, but I tried to find out more information and the BDM representatives helped me through the whole process, from learning how to use the system to payments and transfers, I even have 8 BDM in mine. Now it's time to spend, or rather save, because the currency is appreciating more every day, I think it's better to leave a little in the account," she comments.

Sueli Silva

Digital BDM for everyone

As André Barbosa, Bônus Dourado Mercantil, explains, the digital currency movement strengthens the local economy, generates income and preserves the environment, resulting in highly efficient socio-economic and sustainable development.

"BDM Digital is for housewives, bakers, the self-employed, small, medium and large entrepreneurs, it's for investors, in short, it's for everyone, because it has real buying power. With BDM you can fill up your car, order new cooking gas, shop in supermarkets, pharmacy, buy shoes, clothes, even buy or rent a property," he comments.

Leninha, BDM investor

"Where BDMs are present and moving, everyone becomes more financially successful because people start to have more profitable financial turnover. Moreover, its profitability is much higher than other banks' savings", concludes the spokesperson.

Install the free app, and start using digital currencies in any commercial establishment in your city that receives BDM Digital.

The system can also be used to see all the cities in Brazil and around the world where the currency is present.

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